5pm Worship

5pm Service led by Ruth Simpson

Worship will be open to everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, however it is emphasised that if you are uncomfortable about returning to face-to-face worship or in any way feel unwell please stay home to protect both yourself and others. 

There will not be a Zoom meeting for either the 9:15am or 5:00pm service.You may sign in 

Y​​​ou may sign-in, using the building QR code or written register, if you wish. Hands sanitiser is available and face masks can be worn if you wish. 

Under the latest COVID guidelines we are required to maximise ventilation through the building.  Doors will therefore be left open and the rotation of the ceiling fans changed to assist the movement of air upwards and out of the high level windows. If you are predisposed to feeling cold due to air movement when sitting still please dress accordingly.